Stump Speech – What Most Americans Want

The New Republican Tax Code:


The good news is that these politicians and their donors are dumb and arrogant enough to think they are going to get away with it. They think if they give you a couple of bucks, you will go away. They are wrong.

Let’s vote these bastards out and give America the economy and the tax code she needs to thrive.

The Good News

Most Americans want a tax code that does what it’s supposed to do – pays for what we need and shares those costs fairly. Most Americans want a tax code that will build the middle class, help create good jobs, grow the economy, reward productive citizens and companies, and invest in our future.

To be clear, what most Americans want is not what most millionaire and billionaire political donors want. Those billionaires want to live in a country with a small number of very rich people, millions of poor people, and no middle class. They want get out of paying taxes because they were born rich and never had to work. They want to pretend they made their money in Ireland. They want special treatment, no they think they deserve special treatment, because they’re “so special”. They puff up their chests and call themselves “job creators” and insist the economy will collapse if (god forbid) they are forced to put some money on the table.  

Nonsense. Millionaires put their pants on one leg at a time like everyone else. Our economy works because all of you go out and buy things from each other, not because a few billionaires benevolently offer us all jobs. Nothing’s going to collapse if millionaires are forced to pay their fair share. It’s time we had an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. Our tax code is broken, our economy is rigged, and our lawmakers are in the pockets of their donors, but with your help this November, we can change that!

Thank you!