Note from the Chair

Why Run on Taxes

A Note to Candidates

Dear Candidate,

On behalf of the Patriotic Millionaires, I urge you to run fearlessly against the new Republican tax code. Voters believe our economy is “rigged,” that the richest people in the country are capturing all of the benefits of the economy, and that the basic needs of American citizens are being ignored by politicians who only serve their political donors. They’re right.

So exactly how do you “rig” an economy? You start with the tax code.

A few years ago, Republican politicians rewrote the entire federal tax code on a strict party line vote. With full control of the federal government, they created the tax system their donors demanded. For candidates like you, this provides a clear window into the hearts, minds and bank accounts of politicians who voted for it. It is not pretty. We know it is hardly in the self interest of millionaires to destroy the same middle class which has made America the economic powerhouse of the world.

It’s your job – as a candidate and as a future national leader – to help your voters understand how the new Republican tax code deliberately advances the interests of the political donor class while permanently disadvantaging working Americans and the middle class. We need to make the case that they are sacrificing the long term stability of the nation for short term financial gains. It helped candidates win in 2018, it will help you win in 2020, and it will help build the public mandate necessary to fix the problem once you take office.

Please let us know how we can help.


Morris Pearl

Chair, The Patriotic Millionaires

Former Blackrock Managing Director

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