How to Win on Wages

How to Win on Wages

A Note to Candidates

Dear Candidate,

The most famous promise of this country is the American dream: the idea that if you put in hard work, you’ll be compensated accordingly and move up in society. The truth is that this dream has been out of reach for millions of Americans since the 1970s, when productivity started growing exponentially but wages stayed completely flat.

That trend continued while corporate profits skyrocketed and payouts to shareholders and executives ballooned. So even though American workers are making their companies more money than ever, their share of the pie keeps getting smaller and smaller. What that should tell you is that the American dream didn’t disappear – it was stolen by big corporations, and raising the wage is the first step in taking it back.

This isn’t just the right thing to run on, it’s also the smart thing. If your voters truly understand how much they’re being robbed, you’ll win.

So here’s how to use this section of the site. Rather than simply laying out a bunch of talking points, our goal in writing it was to present the entire air-tight argument for why we urgently need to raise the wage.

If you want to go this deep with your voters, please do! But another, more effective way to approach this is to familiarize yourself with the basic argument, and then select the individual parts you think are most compelling for your audience.

Please feel free to use any or all of the suggested language in your own speeches and conversations with voters. Absolutely no attribution required!

And as always, if you need any help please call us at any time.


Erica Payne
Founder and President
The Patriotic Millionaires

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