In 2017, Republican politicians rewrote the entire federal tax code. The NEW REPUBLICAN TAX CODE:
  • Rigs the economy in favor of the donor class against the middle class.
  • Hands nearly $2 trillion in tax cuts to millionaires, billionaires, and corporations.
  • Gives corporations a financial incentive to move jobs out of the U.S..
This is not an economic philosophy, it is a payoff to the donor class. Every politician who voted for this obscenity of a bill should be thrown out of office.

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Why Patriotic Millionaires University?

Our tax code – like every nation’s tax code – specifies who pays the cost of running the country and how various economic activities are rewarded or discouraged. Like wages, taxes are a foundational element of the economy, and any effort to “rig” the economy begins with the tax code.

In 2017, on a strict party line vote, Republican lawmakers rewrote the entire federal tax code. The NEW REPUBLICAN TAX CODE:

  • Deliberately rigs the economy In favor of the political donor class against the middle class.
  • Hands nearly $2 trillion to the millionaires, billionaires, CEOs and corporations who fund political campaigns.
  • Gives a significant, permanent advantage to people who make money off investments over those who bring home a paycheck.
  • Provides a financial incentive to corporations to move jobs overseas.
  • Creates an easy new way for wealthy people to game the system.
  • Hands millions of tax free dollars to the children of millionaires.
  • Closes virtually none of the worst tax loopholes (yes, those fund managers are still “getting away with murder”).

We created PMU to help candidates run and win against this obscene bill, and campaign on ideas that would actually create positive change in our economy.

It’s time to Master the tax debate.

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